Friday, May 1, 2009

how to improve graphics on a t60p running Jaunty (xorg 1.6 + radeaon)

Brian commented a few times on my last Jaunty post with some helpful advice. ATIRadeon Wiki posts the driver options for your xorg.conf file. Xorg 1.5 and up can run without the xorg.conf file by automatically guessing drivers and monitors, but it doesn't selected the tuned options all the time.

After my upgrade headaches I cleared the xorg file and started fresh, but I didn't think to add in the device options. I followed the wiki and performance is better, but not stellar. Compiz is still slow and multiple windows running transparency will bring the system to its knees. But its not all bad news. Fluxbox is finally acting the way it used to (desktop switches are quick, windows move without lag)

I still need to try out the radeon HD driver to see if that adds anything. For now I'll happily use fluxbox with Brian's tweaks and be content with it getting the job done.

PS: Brian, I wanted to visit your blog but your profile is blocked. Thanks again for the help

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