Saturday, August 4, 2007

how to make a coffee grasshopper

The name needs a little work, but here is the skinny :

3 - 4 leaves fresh mint
8 oz Coffee, brewed strong
1tbls Milk
1 Tsp Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Mix

Brew up the coffee and pour all the ingredients into a blender and let it rip. The ice is really only there to cool off the coffee but you can turn this into a frozen drink if you use more. Recipe yields one magic bullet sized serving.

The mint might be a little much on its own, but the combination of the mint and the strong coffee gets mellowed out by the chocolate. It could be my new favorite summer time drink.


Monica said...

I don't think that my coffee was strong enough so I put in more cocoa mix. I'll try again later.

iblearning said...

Make the coffee as strong as you can. The milk, ice, mint, and chocolate all mask the coffee flavor pretty well. It would be hard to make the coffee too strong.