Wednesday, August 29, 2007

why no one watches tennis

The USA Open is on right now and I had it in the background as I was working on my next script-fu project.

Last night I watched as Roddick blasted 130 mph serves for an hour and I was completely captivated by the skill and power of both competitors. As it turns out, the two guys playing knew each other pretty well and there was a good bit of banter during the match. I laughed, I was amazed, I had a good time.

Tonight I thought I'd try tennis again. It was fun last night, why wouldn't it be fun tonight? Federer was playing (which is like saying Tiger is playing at a golfing event) and the stage was set for some nice background sports. Only problem was that Federer wore black.

At all the other tournaments Federer wore a conservative white tennis outfit. Today he happened to look at his closet and decide that the US Open deserved a black shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes. Personally, I could care less, but if the amount of commentary from the sports casters is any indication; this is the end of the tennis as we know it. To hear them tell it, the color of Roger Federer's clothes rocked the very foundation of the US Open.

They talked about it before he went out onto the court. They talked about it as he warmed up. They talked about it as he won the first few matches. I turned off the tennis match for an hour to do other things. Curious to see how the match had played out I turned it back on AND THEY WHERE STILL TALKING ABOUT IT!!!!

Sorry.... I can understand talking about clothing at an awards show. I can even understand a passing comment at a golf tournament (long time on the air, goofy looking outfits, kinda boring to watch). But how boring does something have to be to warrant an hour and a half of "Do you think he is more imposing in black?" or "He is really striking in black".

More of a rant than a lesson but still... If you have nothing good to say DON'T GO IN TO BROADCASTING

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