Wednesday, September 12, 2007

how to take a picture of a spider web

I took a hike with a friend to a local park and brought my camera along for the ride. Aside from the Mosquitoes it was a beautiful day. (For the record, I <3 Deet)

While we were hiking we almost ran into a spider web that was hanging across the path. We ended up ducking under it, but only after I spent 20 minutes trying to get a shot of it. The little preview screen of my camera wasn't good enough to show the webs so I just kept shooting. Once I got back and download the pictures it turned out that the first shot worked the best.

The key is to get a dark back ground behind the web. If you can get the light behind you, do it. My camera has an overzealous flash, but with some tweaking I managed to get a decent shot out of it.

Here is the album. I'm trying the slideshow thing. If it doesn't work for you, post a comment and I'll fix it.


Andy said...

Taking pictures of spider webs is tricky. On a recent hike to Oxbow, I came across this one. I think it came out pretty good.

Andy said...

Actually... is that the same one? That would be pretty cool....

iblearning said...

That looks a lot like the same one. The one I found was hanging right in the middle of the path and had three main lines running off of it.

kinda like : (dots added 'cause ASCII art and comments don't mix)