Monday, September 17, 2007

how to fix a logitec xbox wireless controller

I bought a logitech wireless xbox controller a year or so ago and its worked out well. Recently the controller developed a drift in the left joystick.

When the N64 first came out it re-calibrated the joystick on the controller each time the system was powered up or a controller was connected. The logitech controller decided that this was really unnecessary and never automatically re-calibrates itself.

I tore the controller apart and couldn't find any manual alignment switches. A small consumer review comment on an old website pointed out the answer.

Remove on battery from the controller. Hit and hold start and the left trigger while you put the battery back in. This will realign the controller.

Official model number of my controller is G-X3B12.


Heath Doerr said...

Thanks for posting this!!

Kalon said...

Awesome. I bought two of these years ago and one never worked for me because of the calibration issue. Today I did a search to see how to fix it and this post came up. Now it works! Thank for sharing the tip.

Robert Maiella said...

took my controller apart too, but this fixed the issue - fantastic - many thanks

Robert Maiella said...
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Robert Maiella said...
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Unknown said...