Tuesday, June 26, 2007

that a lotus blossom is sweeter if you take the time to smell it

Or at least that is what the fortune cookie said. Personally, it sounded like the writers were kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel.

That said, I had a chance to attend a power mentoring event at work. The idea was something akin to speed dating only it was with the higher ups at work and career advice instead of singles and awkward attempts to score a phone number.

I ran out of questions before the time was up so I asked the same question that always gets asked at these sorts of events; How do you manage the work-life balance? The I got back kinda surprised me. The manager I was talking to said her most important work-life balance tip was to take you vacations and enjoy them.

She went on to suggest taking the overseas where your cellphone won't work and the laptop needs a power adapter. There are always deadlines and projects that need to be done. Sometimes you just have to buckle down and do it. The important thing is to make sure you have off time and make sure that off time takes you completely out of the office.

Lesson Learned : Cheesy fortune aside, I need to start smelling roses.

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